ASPI’s goal is to create a competitive advantage for its member companies. Through educational programming, industry advocacy, and networking, ASPI enables its members to provide unique benefits to their paper industry customers.

ASPI member companies are committed to helping their customers navigate the challenges presented by today’s intensely competitive pulp and paper industry. It’s an arena of great risk--and great opportunity--for both producers and suppliers. ASPI membership provides the resources that help member companies “bring their best” to their customers and the pulp and paper industry as a whole.

Through its long history, the underlying goal of the Association has been to enhance the professionalism, competitiveness and public image of the pulp and paper industry. ASPI’s unique value proposition is a combination of compelling program content, an influential business network, and the ability to collectively embark on initiatives important to the supplier community.

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ASPI Membership Application

Membership Benefits

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Currently, the core ASPI membership benefits are its two annual meetings. Only ASPI members will receive copies of presentations given at ASPI meetings. Members also have access to all past presentations made at ASPI meetings.

ASPI also conducts a biannual Performance Benchmarking Survey.

ASPI members share a common market and customer base, but are very diverse in the range of features and benefits they supply. The core membership value that ASPI aspires to deliver is a more complete understanding of the underlying needs and desires of the shared pulp, paper and paperboard market. ASPI fully understands that its success will be based on its ability to provide a unique knowledge of customers that will allow our members to provide and ultimately obtain a competitive advantage.

Membership Eligibility

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ASPI Membership is limited to companies that directly manufacture and supply products and/or professional services: sales agencies, sales and manufacturing representatives are not eligible for membership.

Membership Levels

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Corporate Membership: Any eligible firm, that for one year or more immediately preceding the date of membership application, is engaged in supplying products and/or services to the pulp, paper and/or board industry.

Emeritus Members: Any individual who was formerly active in ASPI via a member company, but who is no longer employed by a member company. Emeritus members have all rights and privileges except to hold office.

Principal Members: An individual who is an experienced industry operative that is the principal, sole practitioner of a consulting company providing professional services to the pulp and paper industry. Principal members have all rights and privileges except to hold office.

Membership Dues

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As of 2019, ASPI Membership dues have increased. The ASPI Board of Directors voted for the rate increase because dues haven't gone up in over 10 years. Please see below for the new due structure.

$ 3,000 Companies with less than $5 million total annual sales
$ 3,500 Companies with $5,000,001 to $25 million total annual sales
$ 4,000 Companies with $25 million or more total annual sales
$ 500 Principal Members
$ 500 Emeritus Members
Annual dues may be prorated depending on the time of year.

Application Process

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When a completed application is received, the Board of Directors is charged to take action within 45 days.  All current ASPI members are notified of the application as well.